Makeup 101

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Let me explain why Makeup 101 is so important…
A makeup artist must have a clear understanding of the fundamental principles, theories, and techniques of their profession to develop and sustain a successful career. I know this workshop will elevate your core artistry skills, which will increase your earning potential.

This two days of lecture, demos and hands-on training is the perfect platform to begin a new career or re-energize an existing one.

2 Days of Lectures, Demos, and Hands-On Training.
Printed Workbook, Color Wheel (travel size), and RCMA Foundation Adjuster Palette.


Mastery of “the basics” is essential to building a solid foundation for your career. The Makeup 101 workshop provides a focused understanding of the fundamental principles, techniques, and theories of makeup artistry. But Makeup 101 provides more than basics, it provides a deeper, richer understanding of ALL the skills required to realize your full potential, fortifying your confidence, so you can develop a long-lasting, successful career.

Need to master the fundamentals? Need to reboot and reimagine? These two days of lecture, demos and hands-on training are the answer.


  • Kit Focus – A well-stocked Basic Pro Makeup Kit (for All Media Formats).
  • Product Knowledge & Formulation (Ingredients)
  • Color Theory (for Makeup Artistry)
  • Discovering Skin Undertone, Foundation Matching, and Custom Blending
  • Perfect Coverage – how to manipulate foundation
  • Concealing, Color Correction, and Camouflage
  • Assessing Skin Types for Proper Skin Prep
  • When to use Primer
  • Understanding Face & Eye Shapes
  • Highlight & Contour (when and how-to…correctly)
  • Classic Feature Enhancing Makeup (The Moneymaker)
  • Quick tips to transitioning makeup (Daytime to Evening)
  • Creating Complex Color Stories (Using Color Theory)

This workshop is suitable for all experience levels and is especially beneficial for self-taught artists.

NOTE: We do not supply products, brushes, tools or disposables. Students are required to bring their makeup kit when participating in any hands-on workshop.
You will be emailed a detailed kit inventory checklist following your paid registration.
Models are not supplied for this class – students practice on each other.

Scheduled presenters are subject to change based on availability.

6 reviews for Makeup 101

  1. Frances Fraser

    I’ve walked away from this class with a renewed spring in my makeup step and so much more enthusiasm for whats to come.
    I was so excited when I found out that you were bringing this class half way round the world to my neck of the woods. I knew that no matter what, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to learn from one of the masters of makeup.
    I’m not only eternally grateful that you came to Australia to spread your knowledge but I learnt so much more than I thought I would.

    I got myself a Diploma in specialist makeup services which got me started on my journey a few years back. I’ve been working hard towards my goal of working in the beauty industry full time & have been slowly building my portfolio to help me head to where I want to go to, inside the world of makeup. I’ve been coasting along since my Diploma, hoping I was on the right track with my technique and eye for detail.
    Since I’ve completed Kevin’s “Makeup Artistry 101” I feel like suddenly the light’s been turned on – before this, I was learning and working in the dark.

    Kevin – MANY THANKS for your time, patience and feedback. Your teachings will remain with me for the rest of my career.

  2. Sylvia Fox

    I am so glad I took this class!
    I was on the fence about forking out that much cash for a 2 day class, because let’s face it, I’m an artist and a mom – and sometimes those two things don’t add up to lots of extra money laying around.
    The investment is so worth it!

    I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for 8 years and after the first day of class, my mind was reeling from all the skills KJB was sharing with us.
    The class was interactive, hands-on and tailored to specific issues we needed to master.
    Kevin was so honest with his critiques but was never harsh — he was always encouraging and offered up easy solutions to fix our mistakes.
    I am amazed by his techniques and his ability to share this knowledge with others. The way he presents the material was super easy to understand and follow. He was there to help us work through the parts we didn’t grasp as easily.

    To have the lecture, the example and then the hands-on learning was truly beneficial.
    I cannot say enough good things about this class.
    No matter where you are in your journey as a makeup artist, do yourself a favor and invest in this class. You will not be sorry!

    Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your time and your talent with us!

  3. Joei Gehorn

    Where to begin? Let me just say first, that I LOVE KEVIN! I drove from Ohio to take this class in Tennessee, knowing that I would be walking into a class full of experienced makeup artist. knowing that I would be the beginner was very scary.Asking myself questions like “do I belong here?” “Will anyone take me seriously?” “Will everyone make fun of me for thinking I belong here?” These were the things that crossed my mind. It was very intimidating walking in to that studio, and I am not someone who gets intimidated very often!

    Within minutes of walking into the class I met Happy, Jen , Sylvia and Delaney. All just as excited and nervous just like me. Kevin and his beautiful assistant got right down to business and the educating began and it didn’t stop for 2 days. Learning from Kevin was like learning from your very best friend and it was awesome. If I heard “I don’t like that or I don’t do this……BECAUSE” once, I heard it a thousand times.. haha.. He tells you how it is and then tells you why he feels that way, but he also told you how great you did over and over. I don’t just want someone telling me what I want to hear! I need the truth and with only 16 hrs to get it – Kevin nailed it!

    This was the best class for me to take to understand make up! I was totally blown away with the info that filled this mans brain! Seriously!!! This guy knows EVERYTHING about anything makeup. I just stared at him in Awe most of the time. I decided to go in and let everything I “thought” I knew go away and let Kevin fill my head with his knowledge and I am so happy I did that. What a waste of time it would had been for me to think I knew more or better ways. Kevin raised so many new questions and sparked a fire that I didn’t know I had. I am so glad that I took this class and I am excited about taking more.
    Just know, if you are a beginner or experienced you will learn more then you ever thought you could. He wants to teach you. He wants to give you his secrets and he wants you to get it. He gave each of us his attention and it was amazing. I look forward to spending more time with him, but until then I will practice “making skin” with acrylic paint and staring at strangers looking for depth and undertones. hahahaha

    Thank you Kevin for being so generous and thank you for making me feel welcome!
    I will remember the girls that took this class with me and will follow all of your beautiful work. Much love and love MUCH!

  4. Happy Payne

    This class is so much more than I ever could have hoped!

    I was a bit hesitant to sign up at first. Other workshops I had taken were very general and I didn’t feel like I learned all that much from them. I was beginning to feel like that’s how they all were. I am SO HAPPY I took this one! The amount of information we learned was truly mind blowing! Lecture, demos, and hands on were all so important to really grasp everything. Kevin was really down to earth and fun! He explained everything well and encouraged us to ask tons of questions.

    The pace of the workshop was perfect. We even went off topic towards the end of day 2 as he addressed any of our individual concerns about application. He molded the workshop to fit us! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro this workshop is for you!

    I started my makeup career by going to a local makeup school in Nashville which was mostly a waste of money. How I wish this is the route I would’ve taken to start with!
    Skip the overpriced makeup schools with their subpar curriculums and take workshops from truly talented, working artists. You will not regret it! I learned more useful knowledge in the 2 days of this workshop than I did in months of makeup school!

    I wish Kevin had workshops here every week so I could take them all!

  5. Margaret V

    I gave myself a very expensive early Christmas gift this year, 2 days of one-on-one training with Kevin. It turned out to be one of the best investments of my career.

    Let me begin by saying I’m not new to makeup and thought taking a basics class would be silly. After we had chatted a while, Kevin convinced me that this training would be just what I needed. He also said if I wasn’t satisfied, I could take one of his group workshops for free.

    Kevin is a marvelous educator. I thought I knew a lot, but he provided layer after layer of additional information. The way he teaches is unique to any class I’ve taken. He describes things in a way that makes you see what he’s saying. If you don’t understand, he uses different words. He doesn’t move on until he’s sure you understand. His patience and attention to every detail were beyond my expectations.

    My favorite part of the second day was a field trip makeup shopping during lunch. We walked through Kenig & Alcone, Inglot, and then Sephora. He explained the difference between pro and consumer makeup formulas. He even offered a salesperson ingredient information to help them sell a product better.

    Money well spent!

  6. Carmen Tse

    No words can describe how much I learned in just 2 days from Kevin. I had taken the In My Kit Webinar from him a few months ago and had gained knowledge about makeup. I had decided to bite the bullet and take Colour Theory to refresh my self.
    He is one of the most patient, kind and caring people. Not only does he explain it in 3-4 different ways, he explains it to you in a way YOU will understand (That is a sign of a good instructor, making sure students get it). He encourages students to ask questions and challenge him as a teacher (boy did I ever ask questions!).

    My expectation before class was to learn proper colour theory and I did. I came out of the class more confident in my work and “seeing” things. This class is worth the investment. Watching Kevin, learning and talking to him, you will soon find out he is a wealth of knowledge about makeup and all things about “the industry”.
    I would have loved it even more if it was 3 days to really grasp everything. I still have so many questions to nick pick, hopefully there is another one close to me soon! =)

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