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This is your full access pass to the best pro product info from IN MY KIT® creator, Kevin James Bennett.
IMK Live focuses on the essential products and tools you need to build a thoughtfully edited, yet well-stocked makeup kit for all media formats (print, video, film).

IN MY KIT® Live Webinar
3.5-hour on-line interactive webinar.

IN MY KIT® Live Seminar
Full Day in-person lecture with demos and Q&A.

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Kevin James Bennett is an admitted cosmetics junkie.
In 2005, he created the IN MY KIT® (IMK) website as a review and buying guide for professional artists. In 2013, he introduced the IMK Facebook Group to develop a continuing dialogue between professionals and cosmetics enthusiasts.
The IMK website has developed a loyal international following and is undergoing a complete makeover (relaunching 2017). The Facebook Group is quite popular, with over 34,000 members.

The original intention of IMK was to help new artists make thoughtful and cost-effective choices when building their first makeup kit. Three decades of experience, outstanding credentials, and expansive product knowledge qualify KJB to edit the constant influx of “new” cosmetics and beauty tools. His recommendations are based on testing, under professional working conditions, in all media formats. If a product doesn’t meet his standards, it doesn’t go IN MY KIT®.

IMK Seminars and Webinars allow a select group to interact, live with KJB, and discuss what products and tools are essential in a carefully edited, yet well-stocked multi-media makeup kit.
Each format includes ample Q&A time.

Topics Discussed:

  • Skincare and Prep
  • Complexion Products (foundations, concealers, etc.)
  • Eye Makeup
  • Lip Products
  • Brushes, Tools & Disposables.


You will be added to a system called GOTOWEBINAR and will receive a registration link (by email) allowing you to log in to the webinars.
Each registration is done manually, so if you don’t receive your welcome email right away, know it is coming. (usually 2-3 days before class)

Scheduled presenters are subject to change based on availability.


16 reviews for IN MY KIT Live

  1. Sharon Friend

    For me, this class was 3 hours well spent. The time flew by! I really appreciated the “professional to professional” straightforwardness. So much valuable information. The webinar format was like being right there with Kevin and I never had to leave my studio. I have a lot of homework to follow up on.

  2. Jerri Graham

    That webinar was so informative, inspirational and down to earth honest truth about consumerism. It is a must do class especially for the beginners who don’t have a clue when to stop the madness of purchasing everybody’s everything!

    This is money well spent. I also enjoyed the personalism that came through the computer screen. The two of you together….great concept. Keep up the good work and showing much love to an industry that is ever changing.

  3. Desiree Ellis

    Kevin James Bennetts In My Kit Webinar was very educational and informative. I was so excited to attend.
    Again Ive wasted so much money over the years getting sucked in to buying products that I didnt really need. I now have a kit full of useless and unnecessary products.
    Its so refreshing to learn from an expert in this industry who gives you the good honest truth.
    I was happy to learn more about some new products that I havent had a lot of experience with and how to pair my kit down to just the basic essentials. Such a small investment, and I gained so much.
    Thank you Kevin for sharing your expertise.

    Desiree Ellis Makeup Artist Vancouver, Canada

  4. Janina

    The best 3 hours I have spent in quite a while. I could have listened to Kevin for 6 hours and still be wanting more.

    “Don’t be a victim of carrying a kit to please others with your products”. The BEST advice ever. I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need in my kit and never buying into retail frenzy again. If you’re an artist, you can do everything with a few basic products on hand. I could have saved tons of money when I started out, if I knew then what I know now.

    Living in South Africa, we don’t get al lot of training or workshops we can attend. I will definitely be signing up for every single webinar in the future. Please bring more.

    Thank you… I’m off to pack my new condensed kit in a small tote bag!

  5. Angela

    This class was absolutely informative and I really liked Kevin’s personality and presentation. It was also very flexible in that there was a Q&A session at the end, which was really great. I really appreciated Kevin’s knowledge on how to use products based on color theory, skin care, and product ingredients. It helped me focus on how I could build a kit based on quality based on these fundamental, concepts. Love the class! Highly recommended.

  6. Sara Salkeld

    Even with over a decade of experience and countless hours of product research, there was SO MUCH for me to learn from this Webinar! Some of it was Kevin articulating things I understood but could not necessarily define along with a wealth of new information. This class is NOT just for artists building their kit! This is for anyone who wants to be better, more refined, more consistent and more efficient with their products.

  7. Trish

    I am an aspiring artist and my mind is blown. He provided so many light bulb moments that were previous stressors to me. I think one of the most challenging aspects of transitioning from “aspiring MUA” to “PRO” is kit building. I have been building my kit for a year and realized during this training that I have been catering to my consumer mind and all the research on product I do is consumer-based. We are pros (or on our way to being a pro) and we don’t need to be caught up in the trends, We need to focus on the skin and the face in front of us and that leads to success. I can honestly say I got more out of this than any other training. Not because of Kevin’s play-by-play of his favorite products, but by the fact that he encourages artists to find the best product for them.

    “Get your hands dirty, elevate your artistry!” He doesn’t say “I think this is the best so it is the best” he says “it has worked for me, find what works for you” and that is a freedom that new artists need and thrive off of. We are here to forever hone our craft, to forever be better. I took 6 pages of handwritten notes until my hand eventually gave out, and then I have 3 pages of notes and links that were provided from these TRIED and TRUE gurus. It’s an investment that you can make. It’s Starbucks lattes for a week or two, and it will change your mindset forever. I will sign up for the fall session myself because I will learn again, I am sure! Do yourself a favor. There is never TOO much knowledge. Too many MUA’s I know complain about schlepping their kit around. Let’s fix it. Let’s simplify it. Let us master our craft so there’s no need for 8,000 products that consumers will recognize. They don’t need to be WOW’ed during the process, they need to appreciate the end result. And they will. I am sure of it.

    Beyond the advice, the execution was perfect. You really can not ask for a better presentation or better delivery. You will be in the comfort of your own home and feel as such; your questions are acknowledged and answered as such. Like it’s a one-on-one session.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… 1,000 times over!

  8. McKena

    I learned so much in three hours! Not only did I learn about kit essentials, but valuable information on application, skin, and certain ingredients. I would definitely recommend this 100% for any makeup artist aspiring to pro!!

  9. Kofo Owolabi

    WOW! OMG! What other word/acronym can you use to describe how impressed you are with a workshop or webinar? I just had an amazing 3 hours of fun and laughter with Kevin learning a GREAT DEAL! Next to one of Crystal Wright’s webinars, this is definitely the best with very useful information on putting your kit together.

    No more chasing ‘bells and whistles’, the information Kevin shares in this webinar will help makeup artists move from looking like amateurs with back-breaking kits to sleek professionals with “I’m ready to take on the world” confidence.

    Did I also mention it was fun and that Kevin is quite funny?
    Now I’m off to applying this knowledge and recommending this webinar of-course.

  10. Marija P.

    This was probably one of the best investments I have made in my makeup career in a very long time. In 3 hours, you get so much knowledge and information which will for sure be beneficial for your career. We also got a few live demos on how to use certain products. Many of my product questions were answered. This online seminar is an absolute must. Kevin is entertaining, fun and very honest about what a PRO needs and what they do not need.
    I highly recommend this webinar.

  11. Shari

    Such an amazing class! Super affordable and you feel like you’re sitting with just him for 3 hours… which is priceless! He goes through everything in his kit and shows you how to condense with having all the essentials you’d ever need. I highly recommend watching this webinar before you go out and buy ANYTHING. The only bad part is that now I have to go out and replace everything I own! 😉

    Thank you Kevin!

  12. Helen

    Brilliant! Loved it. Concise, easy-to-understand scientific explanations of product ingredients, great application technique tips and product recommendations. Invaluable knowledge, thanks Kevin. Will definitely be up for another!

  13. Frances

    I have just finished the amazement that was a KJB Webinar! (INMYKIT The Webinar)

    I absolutely learnt so much, my hand is sore from writing down all the wonderful information, tips, tricks & wisdom that KJB bestowed upon us & my head is still in a spin.
    I am definitely thinking of my kit in a different way (there are some products that I will now spend my time in tracking down!) as well as how I work with the products on faces – Thank you Kevin.

  14. Maria Palermo

    I am so grateful for this webinar. It was so funny and informative and Kevin is just a gem. I learned so much from him and his experience to help me feel confident when I offici start in the industry (slowly getting started at the moment) his input and opinion on things is brilliant and he honestly has an answer for everything. He breaks down everything in both scientific terms and laymen terms as well. I definitely recommend anyone to take this webinar. So worth it!

  15. Bobi Miron

    All i want to say is WOW!!! This class opened my eyes to things i never even though of and helped me understand things that will help my business tremendously! I highly encourage every makeup artist to invest in this, it is affordable and the advice given is priceless! I hope and pray Kevin James Bennett will come to Calgary so i can learn hands on. AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this, I don’t even know what i did before all this info 🙂

  16. Jamie May

    Just finished watching the IN MY KIT Webinar – and all I can say is: I am seriously mind blown.
    In 3 hours, Kevin James Bennett has shared SO much wisdom with us. I took 6 pages of notes full of pure makeup wisdom.
    The opportunity that Kevin gives us with these webinars are brilliant. Thank you so much, I had a blast and I can’t wait to meet you in person.

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