Kevin James Bennett is known across the industry as one of the most product-driven, business-focused artists of a generation. Not only is he an Emmy Award winner and incredibly successful makeup artist, he is a leader and educator in all aspects of this industry, an inspirational voice and, without a doubt, one of the most intensive product experts.

Michael DeVellis

Owner/Creative Director, The Powder Group

I was that inquisitive kid who took things apart (sorry Mom and Dad), a trait that followed me into adulthood.

That trait fed my appetite to explore all aspects of the cosmetic industry. The result is a deep toolbox of cosmetic knowledge and experience. My diverse experience allows me to view the industry through multiple lenses so that I can offer strategic input on various levels of a project.

I’m ready to help you turn your vision into reality. Pick one of the services below, and let’s get to work!

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