Product Review – Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes

Product Review

First and foremost let me say that these brushes are luxurious. The construction is beautiful, with a sleek black lacquer finish over solid brass ferrules and Japanese hardwood handles. The shapes are thoughtful/functional and the natural hair used is very high quality.

As a consumer, it was love at first sight …but then the makeup artist kicked in, and I started to worry about the fragility of these gorgeous, high-quality brushes and how they would translate to on-set working conditions.
Then, as if Wayne was listening to my thoughts, I got an email alert for his latest video …on how to care for his brushes.

The video verified my fears – I’m a brute with brushes and these divine beauties need to be handled with care and respect. They would not survive the level of use/abuse and daily washing I put my tools though.

FINAL ANALYSIS: These uber-luxury brushes are headline entertainers, not stagehands. I think they are amazing, but they’re much better suited for personal use (consumer) or reserved for special clients.

The brush collection was gifted to me and can be purchased through BEAUTYLISH.  This is not an affiliate link and I receive no compensation from the purchase of any products due to this review.

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