Lip & Cheek Stains are a great way to keep your makeup looking fresh no matter how high the temperature or humidity.

This is probably one of the few times you’ll look forward to a getting STAINed!
Combination Lip & Cheek stains are the perfect solution to adding color punch to warm weather makeup and insuring that it stays where you put it. Today’s modern formulas offer sheer, waterproof washes of color that look incredibly natural and can be layered to create any level of intensity.

ON CHEEKS: Apply stains over your liquid foundation (before you set it with powder) or directly over freshly moisturized cheeks for a pop of VERY durable color.
IMPORTANT: Make sure your moisturizer is still slightly damp when applying stains directly to your skin…you want enough “play” time to get it blended properly before it sets.

ON LIPS: Rub stains into moisturized lips and layer the color until you achieve the intensity you want. Then top with a clear or shimmering gloss.


  • Create custom colors by layering a few stains over each other.
  • Stains look even more natural when layered “under” foundation or tinted moisturizer, so the color just peeks through.
  • Stains are especially fantastic for creating a “blushing” bride…and they’re super durable for the wedding day.

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