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The YouTube and Instagram focus on eyebrows is intense (almost psychotic). Following the advice of your favorite online beauty “guru” amplifies your possibility of an eyebrow emergency – significantly.

The story goes something like this…

You’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos, canceled your scheduled eyebrow shaping appointment and decided to go DIY. You start plucking away, thinking, “wow, this is a cinch”, when you suddenly find yourself staring in horror at your reflection – and realize you should have kept the appointment. You’re looking at mis-matched brows or are missing a large section of brow hairs.

Before you go into hiding or start to wear VERY large sunglasses, let’s investigate some fixes to get you through the growing out process.

NOTE: I’m not a great fan of eyebrow pencils, so you won’t see them mentioned in this article. I feel they create a unaturally “solid” looking brow that’s a bit too theatrucal for my tatses…but if that’s what you’re in to, go for it.
We’re going to explore other options for a more natural look and long-lasting effect.


You can fill in and reshape eyebrows with a well-pigmented eyeshadow or brow powder close to your hair color (whatever color that is at the moment). Your eyebrow powder should be a color slightly lighter than your hair and in an ashy or grayed range to look more natural.
Please avoid black, even if it is your hair color, it’s too harsh looking. A very dark brown or charcoal gray will look more natural.

Using a small angled brush, begin drawing in ‘hairs’ until you’ve filled in the spaces and have created a more pleasing shape. The Senna Form-A-Brow kit comes complete with brow stencils to make sure you match up perfectly from left to right. The formulas I’ve listed below have a slightly higher wax content than standard pressed eyeshadow or come with a separate pomade to secure the powder in place.



These products would be applied the same way as the powders but they are longer lasting, rub resistant and most are waterproof. Some stay on so well that they require a special remover.



This is an extreme remedy and should only be considered if you have scared skin areas where you cannot grow hair or if you’ve been plucking for so long the hair just won’t grow back.

The process of tattooing makeup has evolved enormously over the past decade. Today’s semi-permanent makeup offers customized blending of color and none of the nasty side effects of a permanent tattoos (standard tattoo inks often fade to an unattractive, unnatural color).
The pigment (ink) is applied with a manual stylus fitted with sterilized, disposable head with a row of angled teeth that are actually tiny needles. They gently pierce the skin surface to deposit the pigment and stain the area.

NOTE: The one drawback of this less aggressive, semi-permanent brow makeup…you’ll need a touch-up after a few years to keep it looking fresh.

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