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Mineral Makeup – Fact vs Fiction

There's a lot of marketing hype surrounding the benefits of mineral makeup. Is it really good for you, or are the claims just too good to be true? It's time to separate fact from fiction. Let me be VERY clear - I am not a mineral makeup hater. As a matter of fact,...

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Teen Makeup – How much is too much?

Your teen storms out of the room looking like a Goth vampire drag queen (think Taylor Momsen), heads to her bedroom and dramatically slams the door. You're angry and frustrated about the overdone makeup on an underage girl and want to set limits, but how much is too...

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Books Every Makeup Artist Should Own

I'm often asked what books are great reference guides and which inspire my makeup artistry - these are the books I think every makeup artist should have in their collection. Color by Betty Edwards: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors Drawing on the Right...

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Color Correction Concealer

  Concealer not hiding those under-eye circles?  Serious darkness under the eyes requires more than just a concealer, you need COLOR CORRECTION. But before we harness the power of color theory to conquer this concealer challenge, we need to understand why it...

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The Cosmetic Copycat

  The cosmetics industry has been overtaken by a disturbing phenomenon where innovation is replaced by imitation. It's easier to copy the competition's successes than risk launching an innovative new product that might not produce guaranteed sales. More...

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Special Night Out Smoky Eye

  There are many schools of thought surrounding what is considered a “smoky” eye.  In its purest sense, smudging dark or rich color around the entire eye creates a smoky eye.  The smudging creates a mysterious, sexy, unstructured look that is in direct contrast to a...

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Back To School – Continuing Beauty Education

Our industry evolves constantly, so continuing education is the only way for beauty professionals to remain on the cutting edge. Ready to go back to school? It’s day one of my "Perfect Portrait" makeup workshop.  I've introducing myself and explained what to expect...

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