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Back To Basic – Eyeshadow Application

 Makeup is FUN, but a six-color, double cut crease, with glitter, winged eyeliner, and false lashes is not for everyone. Let's hit the pause button on the YouTube and Instagram drag-inspired looks. I'm taking us back to three basic eyeshadow applications that enhance...

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Professional Rivalry

Makeup artistry, like any job, has its share of professional rivalry.  I can appreciate healthy competitive spirit where the intent is to push ourselves towards higher goals. But when competition turns toxic, you cross the line into deceit, sabotage and plain old...

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The Daily Complexion – Part One

  These are my quick picks for a nourished, even toned and well-protected daily complexion…not matter how busy your schedule gets!   Bioderma Sensible H2O gently yet effectively cleanses away city grime while removing makeup, without dehydrating skin. Its fatty acid...

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The Best Bridal Makeup Tips

A few years ago, I was asked to write a bridal beauty article for Martha Stewart Weddings. Whether you hire a professional makeup artist (recommended) or decide to DIY (not recommended), I lovingly offer you THE BEST BRIDAL MAKEUP TIPS …ever! My Bridal Philosophy...

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Everything Old Is New Again

When the internet was a baby (with no social media), Allure Magazine featured the Ben Nye Fireworks Fantasy Wheel (image above) in their Editor's Choice section. Back then, beauty editors talked about products, application techniques, and makeup trends ONLY after...

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