The Origin of Applying Lip Color

Did you know it was Mother Nature who provided the pivotal (and provocative) phenomenon that inspired the origin of applying lip color?...

Color Correction Concealer

Concealer not hiding your under-eye darkness unless you pack it on?  Sometimes stubborn darkness under the eyes requires more than just a concealer, you might need COLOR CORRECTION.

Who Started the Parabens Paranoia?

What Started Paraben Paranoia?

  QUESTION: What caused the paranoia surrounding parabens? ANSWER: 15 years ago, a group of fear-mongering environmental activist groups...
Silicone In Cosmetics - Fact vs Fiction

Silicone In Cosmetics – Separating Fact From Fiction

  Cosmetic grade silicone is safe, that's a FACT. And if people spent more time researching FACTS, and less time getting hysterical...

The #MyTwoCents blog serves nutritious cosmetic FACTS…are you hungry?

I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, and I make sure it’s relevant, well researched, factual, and fun.

This blog is full of tasty and nutritious cosmetic news, product reviews, makeup tutorials, industry gossip…and a rant or two. There’s always room at the table for one more, so pull up a seat and EAT!

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