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Makeup Myths – Complexion

  How often do I hear makeup myths based on misinformation? DAILY. The internet offers an abundance of makeup information. It also offers lots of MIS-information (thank you YouTube and Instagram), which perpetuates makeup myths. In this  installment of the...

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Cleaning Makeup Brushes Like A Pro

In the Makeup Brush Buying Guide, we discussed materials, construction and brush shapes. Properly cleaning your makeup brushes is the most critical step to maintaining and protecting your investment. Let's look at the how pros keep their tools in tip-top condition....

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Honey – A Sweet Solution For DIY Beauty

  Honey tastes great, but did you realize the amazing restorative and healing properties it possesses? AND, it's a fantastic beauty solution! Let's look at why it's so awesome, then pamper yourself with one of these DIY beauty treatments when you have no time (or $$$)...

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Makeup Brush Buying Guide

  I learned a lot about proper brush construction while developing the [R]evolution™ Professional Makeup Brush Collection with Royal & Langnickel. Owning well crafted, quality tools are essential for a professional make-up artist to succeed. I've compiled...

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