Our industry evolves constantly, so continuing education is the only way for beauty professionals to remain on the cutting edge. Ready to go back to school?

education-trainingIt’s day one of my “Perfect Portrait” makeup workshop.  I’ve introducing myself and explained what to expect over the next 2 days of training.  It’s time for the participants to introduce themselves, share their level of beauty education, what they’re currently doing and their expectations of the workshop.

Fast-forward a few weeks later. I’m going over my notes and the student profiles, compiling data from a number of workshops for a report.  I suddenly realized that more than 60% of the students were returning for additional education after graduating from Cosmetology, Esthetics or Makeup programs.

60%?  Really?  I always suspected a number of participants in my seminars and workshops were there for continuing beauty education – this certainly verified suspicion.   As I studied the data more closely, I noted a substantial percentage of the students were already working professionals – complete with licenses, certifications and union memberships. Even though these beauty professionals had already entered the workforce, they sought additional training to make them more knowledgeable …and more marketable.

It was impossible to dismiss how vital acquiring additional work-related skills had become. Upgrading and layering in skill-sets was no longer optional, it was imperative in order to compete for the best jobs and retain an “edge” in the industry.  Further research uncovered that many beauty businesses (salons, spas, retailers) now actively encourage and/or subsidize continuing education in order to sustain a highly skilled workforce—a workforce able to perform a wide variety of services.  A hiring influence knows that in an uncertain economy, well trained, multi-skilled professionals are the most desirable job candidates and become your most valuable asset.
Think about it hair stylists, can you list cutting, color/chemical processing, period styling and wig work as combined skills you are comfortable with?  Makeup artists, are you satisfied with the beauty, fantasy, character and SFX skills you have to offer? Have you ever considered becoming proficient in both hair AND makeup skills?

Face facts, smart professionals actively seek programs to update their current knowledge or add new skills because they realize the advantage of being a multi-skilled worker. Your qualifications are augmented by utilizing continuing education …and so are your job possibilities.

On a strictly personal note…what a treat to step out of the daily routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but being challenged to learn new techniques and skills is an exciting change of pace. The additional skill-sets I’ve acquired recharge my enthusiasm and allow me to bid on a much larger variety of projects.

So what are your thoughts on continuing beauty education?

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