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I was the inquisitive kid who took things apart (sorry, Mom and Dad). My desire to know “how things work” remains strong because lifelong learning is not optional; it’s mandatory for continued success.

I’ve spent over three decades out front and behind the scenes, immersing myself in all things cosmetic. I monitor industry news, research emerging technologies, and track trends daily, viewing the working parts of the industry through multiple lenses – because my clients deserve the most relevant information and services available.

My toolbox of information and skills is deep, allowing me to offer strategic input while connecting key resources and partners within the cosmetic industry.

Kevin James Bennett

Owner, Makeup Art + Design Enterprises

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Kevin James Bennett is known across the industry as one of the most product-driven, business-focused artists of a generation. Not only is he an Emmy Award winner and incredibly successful makeup artist, he is a leader and educator in all aspects of this industry, an inspirational voice and, without a doubt, one of the most intensive product experts.

Michael DeVellis

Owner/Creative Director, The Powder Group

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