I am a certified cosmetics junkie and playing with makeup is my addiction…rehab is not an option.

Kevin James Bennett

Creating a blog dedicated to cosmetic news, makeup tutorials, product reviews and unsolicited beauty advice was inevitable.
Eyebrow Emergency

Eyebrow Emergency

What’s an eyebrow emergency and how does it happen? Please allow me to share this scenario – So, you were feeling all DIY and decided to cancel your scheduled eyebrow shaping appointment. You start plucking away with reckless abandon thinking, “wow, this is a cinch”. You’re busy yanking out hair after hair, when you suddenly […]

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Makeup History – Origins of Lip Color

Makeup history sometimes reveals rather provocative information, like Mother Nature’s part in the origins of lip color. Are you intrigued yet? Mother Nature decided that part of the mating process of many creatures (including humans) should include the “enhancement” of lip color. Who could have guessed we would create a multi-billion dollar global industry based […]

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Professional Rivalry

Makeup artistry, like any job, has its share of professional rivalry.  I can appreciate a healthy competitive spirit where the intent is to challenge complacency and push ourselves towards higher goals. But sometimes competition turns toxic, crossing the line into deceit, sabotage and plain old back-stabbing. We can’t escape the existence of rivalry, because we can’t […]

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