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Hypoallergenic Cosmetic Myth

Cosmetic Myth – Hypoallergenic Products

It’s time to blow the whistle on another cosmetic myth – the term HYPOALLERGENIC. Want to know what it really means when a cosmetic product makes a claim of being hypoallergenic?  In a word – BULLSH*T. The term did not originate from medical or even dermatologic science.  The cosmetic industry coined the word “hypoallergenic” so it could […]

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Christian Louboutin Beauty

Christian Louboutin Beauty

French footwear guru Christian Louboutin is taking his first steps into the beauty business with a range of uber-luxurious signature nail polishes housed in strikingly tall, spiky bottles.Priced at $50 each, the well-heeled, red nail enamel, Rouge Louboutin, is scheduled to go on sale today in a U.S. concession shop on the eighth floor at the Saks Fifth Avenue […]

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Makeup History – Origins of Lip Color

Makeup history sometimes reveals rather provocative information, like Mother Nature’s part in the origins of lip color. Are you intrigued yet? Mother Nature decided that part of the mating process of many creatures (including humans) should include the “enhancement” of lip color. Who could have guessed we would create a multi-billion dollar global industry based […]

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