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Mineral Makeup - Fact Vs Fiction

Mineral Makeup – Fact vs Fiction

It’s time to cut through the marketing hype and separate fact from fiction about mineral makeup. Is it really good for you? Or is it simply too good to be true? FACT:  Kevin has never been a mineral makeup hater. I DO have an aversion to dishonest mineral makeup marketing/advertising and agenda driven special interest groups […]

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Eyebrow Emergency

Eyebrow Emergency

What’s an eyebrow emergency and how does it happen? Please allow me to share this scenario – So, you were feeling all DIY and decided to cancel your scheduled eyebrow shaping appointment. You start plucking away with reckless abandon thinking, “wow, this is a cinch”. You’re busy yanking out hair after hair, when you suddenly […]

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Makeup History – Origins of Lip Color

Makeup history sometimes reveals rather provocative information, like Mother Nature’s part in the origins of lip color. Are you intrigued yet? Mother Nature decided that part of the mating process of many creatures (including humans) should include the “enhancement” of lip color. Who could have guessed we would create a multi-billion dollar global industry based […]

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Understanding The Modern Metrosexual

I don’t normally address guy grooming in this blog. But from what I see, some dudes are in desperate need of guidance. They need to understand the modern metrosexual. The term metrosexual was coined in 1994. It is a neologism (ie; made up word) which is a combination of metropolitan and heterosexual. It refers to an urban […]

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Teen Makeup – How much is too much?

Your teen storms out of the room looking like a Goth vampire drag queen (think Taylor Momsen), heads to her bedroom and dramatically slams the door. You’re fuming about the overdone makeup on an underage girl…but how much is too much? What happened to the nice little girl who used to live in your daughter’s body? […]

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Pantone Fashion Color Report – Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week is here again and Pantone has released its Fashion Color Report – Fall 2014. In an intriguing twist, the top 10 colors for women and men are almost identical. But when you consider the stronghold androgynous sportswear has on fashion trends and that gender lines are being blurred both on and […]

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Product Review – OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils

Cosmetic pencils are a makeup staple and come in every color, shape and size. With such endless choices, it’s pretty hard to stand out from the crowd – but Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC Makeup) Cosmetic Colour Pencils made me stop and take notice.   I was a keynote speaker and presented a masterclass at the […]

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Best Moisturizers – Under $40

Everyone needs to use a good moisturizer (even oily skin). So let’s talk about the best moisturizers and keep it on a budget of under $40. 1. CeraVe Moisturizers One of the most highly recommended skin care ranges …by dermatologists. There’s an entire collection of CeraVe moisturizers to address every skin-type with the same active ingredients […]

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Product Review – Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes

Today’s product review is the Wayne Goss collection of makeup brushes. First and foremost let me say that these brushes are absolutely luxurious. The construction is beautiful, with a sleek black lacquer finish over solid brass ferrules and Japanese hardwood handles. The shapes are thoughtful/functional and the natural hair used is very high quality. As a […]

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My Personal Grooming Kit

Some people consider me a cosmetic product expert (junkie) and ask what I carry in my professional makeup kit. I was surprised (and very flattered) when TWO Magazine asked me about my personal grooming kit and regime. Click here or on the image above to find out what products are in my kit and part […]

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